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Feudal Obsessions

The Inuyasha Yaoi Drabble Community

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You've entered the drabble community dedicated to Inuyasha yaoi! (I be the mod, mirokus_heir) If you don't know, a drabble is a fic that's (in this case) a hundred words long. (Although I am willing to expand the word limit to 300, so everyone go hog wild! I'd still like to keep the word count low though, I think it's kind of fun and challenging to have a limit. Yeah, I'm a Sadist.)

Please put the title in the subject line.

At the top of your submission, please include the following:

Word Count:

Please place the actual story behind an lj cut! ^.^

Crossovers are welcome. More rules will come about as the community grows. Just write, have fun, and respect other peoples work!

Every Wednesday night (unless otherwise noted) will have a new topic for the week.

As a prize, the winner of the week shall choose a topic, and then of the stories that come about, choose a winner to decide on the topic for the next week (incentive! write them stories!). Hopefully this way everyone can get a turn.

Have fun!